Advantages for Members and Students of YALS

What Does Membership of the Yals Guarantee Its Students

YALS basically promotes quality in the field of language teaching and safeguards the quality of its members’ services, which is provided by regular inspection of each school every four years, performed by the YALS inspection team consisting of its member schools and one expert in the field, independent of the organisation. The students who enter any of the YALS member school are guaranteed the following:

  • high teaching and educational standards and appropriate and effective teaching methods
  • adequate qualified teaching staff
  • suitable premises and suitable facilities for language learning, as well as audio-video equipment and academic library
  • professional conduct and clarity in regard of administration (detailed records of the students, enrolment forms, application forms)
  • total accuracy and veracity of information and publicity (course length, class size and make-up)
  • advice and help of choice of course
  • appropriate regular assessment and end-of-course assessment
  • an open attitude to students’ suggestions and complaints
  • clearly defined procedure for complaints which all the YALS members have to put in their contracts or enrolment forms
  • clearly and precisely structured course of studies (specification of course content, topics and vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions) which will help students estimate their knowledge and plan a further process of learning
  • coherent levels of foreign language knowledge in the different member schools in the YALS as well as coherence with international course grading (the levels are structured according to CEF – A Common European Framework of Reference). This means that students who complete successfully a certain course in one of the schools can, without any problems, continue the process of learning in another. They can take any internationally approved exams in for that purpose authorised institutions. For instance, for the English language, the University of Cambridge organises ESOL International Examinations so that
    • completed A1 level enables children to take Movers exam, and A2 offers the possibility of taking Flyers exam.
    • adult students can take Key English Test after completed A2
    • completed B1 can take Preliminary English Test or Business English Certificate 1
    • completed B2 corresponds to First Certificate or Business English Certificate 2
    • completed C1 opens the possibility of taking Certificate in Advanced English or Business English Certificate 3,
    • and the final C2 level enables taking Certificate of Proficiency in English.

What does membership of the YALS guarantee its members

  • the inflow of all the necessary information on the members’ activities in any respect
  • further specialization and development of the staff
  • encouraging exchange of experiences, expertise and professional information
  • representing of the members in the contracts with state institutions and bodies
  • constant activity on organizing seminars, exchanging of ideas, and co-operation with similar domestic and foreign organisations
  • collecting and processing specialist and professional materials in the field of teaching foreign languages
  • organizing seminars, workshops and consultancy meetings within the YALS or in co-orperation with other organisations
  • publishing of books and other materials in the field of foreign language teaching
  • co-operation with Universities, professional organisations and other organisations, which provide foreign language teaching services
  • participation in all the professional advertising publications of the YALS, as well as public marketing activities
  • members can use the YALS logo