About us

YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia is a non profit-making association with the main aim to promote quality language teaching by maintaining high professional standards recognized throughout the world. Members have accepted the standards and objectives of the Association:

  • To promote quality language learning.
  • To ensure that the membership of the Association is reliable indication of quality.
  • To set and maintain high standards of teaching by appropriately qualified teachers and using appropriate methodology.
  • To ensure high level of professional practices regarding school administration and premises.
  • To establish a regular inspection of school by the Association and one independent expert.
  • To provide information about its members.
  • To establish a clear procedure in cases of complaints against business practices of its members.
  • To provide teacher training and development schemes.
  • To actively engage in organization of seminars, dissemination of ideas and cooperation with similar organization in the world.

Executive Board:

Marija Pejatović

Dijana Kisić

General Secretary:
Maja Gavrilović

Eva Bako
Danijela Veljković
Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

Dijana Kisić