How to Become a Member of YALS

Dear Colleagues,

If you would like to join our Association simply fill in YALS Membership Application Form attached below, and write a short description of your school, similar to those on the YALS website or in the brochure, a list of teachers, an overview of groups and levels, school timetable, as well as a short CV of the school owner. All of this should be sent to the Association or delivered directly to YALS representative (inspector) who will, during the pre-arranged advisory visit to your school, appraise your capacity to become a member of the Association. The charge for this stage of enrollment in the Association is 150 euros.

If you satisfy YALS requirements, a teaching inspection is arranged, which is conducted by an independent inspector at your expense. If on completed inspection the school meets the criteria, it will become an Associate Member of YALS and pay 150 euros , i.e. 50% of YALS annual membership fee.

To become a Full Member of YALS, each school has to harmonize its organization and documentation with YALS standards within 6 to 12 months of becoming an Associate Member. When this has been done, a new detailed inspection of professional standards, school management and administration, as well as school premises and equipment will be scheduled. If the inspectors find out that your school fulfills all criteria it will become a Full Member of YALS and pay the remaining 150 eur, i.e. 50% of YALS annual membership fee.

The enrolment criteria are laid down by our Association and are applied to all our members equally. Each school should read them carefully before applying for membership. Detailed instructions are available in the Procedure for Acceptance to YALS, which is attached below.


Members of our association should satisfy specific criteria in the following catefories:


  • Director of studies: Graduate (BA) and five years of teaching experience
  • Teachers: Qualified for teaching foreign languages


  • Clearly defined levels and programmes.
  • Teaching material sufficient for all teachers.
  • Appropriate testing system:
    • to place students
    • during the courses
    • for issuing diplomas


  • Appropriate classrooms for the planned number of students
  • Appropriate equipment (blackboard, audio-visual units, other teaching devices)
  • Appropriate light and heating system, hygiene and sanitary facilities


  • Advertising material corresponding to the real state of the school
  • Proper administration of students, enrollment procedure, course attendance, tests and issued diplomas
  • A prominently displayed notice of YALS membership as well as information about students’ rights


  • System for teacher training and development
  • Library for students
  • Additional equipment
  • Separate room for administration

Hoping we will work together in future, we want to thank you for your interest in our Association.

Your Colleagues from YALS

YALS Membership Application Form

Procedure for Acceptance to YALS