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Third YALS online spring meetup for teenagers

3rd YALS online spring meetup for teenagers

Reported by Jelena Spasić

The third YALS online spring meetup, organized by Oxford School Leskovac and led by teacher Jelena Spasic, took place on Wednesday, 27th May. The topic of the workshop was Media Literacy and the materials used were part of the Fulbright TEA Program that teacher Jelena attended during February and March, 2020 at Kent State University, Ohio, the USA. Around 20 teenagers from Belgrade, Valjevo, Kula, Nis and Leskovac gladly participated in the discussions showing a great level of fluency as well as critical thinking. They did a poll about how much they use different media, watched a video and played an interactive online game all with the aim to find out as much as possible, within the 60 minutes of the workshop, about media literacy, informative news and propaganda and the importance of distinguishing between the real and fake news.

Many thanks to all the students who actively took part in the workshop as well as to all the teachers for their selfless support and collaboration.

Second YALS online spring meetup for 4th graders

2nd YALS online spring meetup for 4th graders

Reported by Marina Jovanović

On Tuesday, 26 May, more than 30 students from 6 different cities gladly took the opportunity to attend another joint lesson organised for Yals schools.This time, the pupils (4th graders and 5th graders) introduced themselves and practised giving personal information about their daily lives and routines. They practised forming different questions, listened to a song and worked together on different problems or “strange events” by choosing questions relevant to each particular situation.

Marina Jovanovic, who planned and hosted this lesson, would like to thank all the other teachers who attended and observed the lesson and stayed behind after the lesson to provide their invaluable feedback.

Many thanks to all the pupils who took part in this lesson, and a special thanks to all the pupils at English Only Zaječar.


YALS online spring meetup for 5th and 6th graders

YALS Online Spring Meet 1 – The Clever Monkey by S.Ljiljak-Vukajlovic & M.Pejatovic

YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia is setting up a series on online spring meetups in English for its students.

Yesterday we enjoyed the first of such meetups with our 5th and 6th graders with a story on the clever monkey who outwitted the greedy crocodile.

There were as many as 38 students from as many as 6 cities with YALS schools: from Kula, via Belgrade and Valjevo, Zaječar and Niš, down to as far as Leskovac.

The workshop was a success owing to our president Marija Pejatovic from Oxford School Leskovac, who launched this entertaining and useful project and Sofija Ljiljak-Vukajlović, teacher and owner of Lingva Belgrade,  who authored and held this workshop, and most of all to our diligent students who joyfully attended their third class this week.

English Only school from Zaječar joins the ranks of YALS

Reported by Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia has recently welcomed a new associate member – English Only School from Zaječar, led by  English language teacher Marina Jovanović . Following an initial review of professional standards for granting the status of associate membership, including the quality of teaching audit,  conducted  by  an independent external inpector on 29.11.2019,  it was found out that the school meets all the standards established by the YALS Managing Board and fulfils the requirements of a representative language school. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing our commitment to quality and professional expertise with our new member.

YALS 2019 Literary & Multimedia Competition Winners Announced

Reported by: Mirjana Ljiljak-Vukajlović

In the month of May, YALS organized its traditional literary and multimedia competition for young students of its member schools at all CEFR levels. The general theme for multimedia creations was My World, while the topics for literary works were as follows:

A1: My Favourite Animal
A2: An Exciting Adventure
B1: It was a Fantastic Party
B2: Having heaps of money is as much of a problem as not having enough
C1: Language Learning in Your Country
C2: The only child in the family tends to be over-protected and spoilt

It was very difficult to choose the best from among the multitude of contributions. The YALS Jury, consisting of Coordinator Mirjana Lacić,  from Oxford School of Kruševac, Biljana Barna from New English School of Pančevo and Dijana Kisić from Big Bird School of Belgrade had a complex task of determining YALS award winners, so in many cases there are multiple winners.

As in the previous competitions, the most successful authors will receive public recognition and their works will be published on YALS web site. The winners will also be awarded books and other surprise prizes.

Here are the young creators’ masterpieces:

YALS 2019 Literary Competition Winners
YALS 2019 Multimedia Competition Winners