YALS Competitions 2022

Literary Competition English Winners


  1. Viktor Savić Oxford school Kruševac
  2. Lena Vukašinović Studio Oskar
    Nestor Marinković Centar Britannica Niš
  3. Marta Mitrović Lingva VA
    Nada Stevanović Penguin English School


  1. Magdalena Milovanović Oxford school Kruševac
  2. Dunja Simić Lingva VA
  3. Svetozar Big bird


  1. Iva Višić Lingva VA
  2. Vladimir Petrović Penguin English School
    Staša Titin Centar Britannica Niš
  3. Lana Trgić Blue Moon


  1. Maša Milošević Penguin English School
  2. Anja Mikulić Blue Moon
    Nenad Marinković Centar Britannica Niš
  3. Žarko Korovljev Livingston
    Vanja Samardžić Studio Oskar


  1. Aleksa Petrović Penguin English School
  2. Sofija Stanisavljević Centar Britannica Niš
    Mila Milojković Centar Britannica Niš
  3. Mina Simić Lingva VA

Literary Competition Deutsch Winners


  1. Miona Knežević Blue Moon


  1. Anastasija Mrkić Blue Moon
  2. Nenad Marinković Centar Britannica Niš
  3. Andjela Radosavljević Lingva VA

Multimedia Competition English Winners

  1. Blackbird – Digital Storytelling – Ana Mladenovic, Ivan Tanovic, Jelena Rakonjac, Jovan Jovanovic, Milica Simovic, Miljko Prtenjak, Nemanja Katanic, Nikola Ilic i Nikola Ostojic
  2. Centar Britannica Niš A2 – Višnja Krstić, Pavle Pejčić, Nina Milosavljević, Lana Stamenković, Staša Bulatović, Teodora Kitanović
    Livingston – prezentacija – Vera Milojković I Novak Ćorović
    Lingva – Classmate is not a target – Janko Jakovljević, Nikola Petaković, Nikola Matijević, Nikolina Simović
  3. Oxford school Leskovac – T1 Friendship A1a – Lazar Miljkovic, Andrej Stosic, Dunja Kostic, Angelina Stojanovic, Mina Mikic, Lana Jovanovic, Milica Nikolcic

Multimedia Competition Deutsch Winners

  1. A1- video: Freundschaft – Tara Zdravković, Ilija Lazić, Dunja Miomirić, Nađa Nedeljković, Nina Nestorović, Boško Raičević

YALS becomes IATEFL Associate Member

YALS Association of Language Schools of Serbia has recently become an IATEFL Associate Member.  Besides individual membership of YALS teachers in ELTA Serbia, and associate membership of YALS in Eaquals (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services),  this is the third ELT organisation that YALS has joined. IATEFL, which was founded as far back as 1967, is one of the largest and most representative teaching associations in the world.

We look forward to our cooperation with IATEFL, which will help us build better networking capacities, advance our knowledge and share experiences with colleagues from all over the world.

YALS Chair Marija Pejatović is due to attend the 55th International Conference and Exhibition of IATEFL in Belfast from 17-20th May, one of the largest international ELT events, which is  attended by more than 3,000 professionals from over 100 countries.

YALS starts implementing US-grant project for local government employees

On 4th October, English language courses for employees of local governments were started as part of a project of YALS Association of English Language Schools under the sponsorship of the America Embassy in Belgrade.

The project is titled Teaching English to Serbian civil servants working at local government units with the focus on practical skills needed to communicate more fluently with EU counterparts. It will be implemented from September 2021 to June 2022 and it includes 130 participants from 11 cities and towns selected from all over Serbia. The project is managed by the YALS project team consisting of:

Sofija LJiljak-Vukajlović, Project Manager
Mirjana Grandov Lacić, Project Coordinator
Danijela Karafilipović, Project Accountant

For this purpose, the YALS team for ELT/L material design has compiled a special handbook called Skills Booster, which covers the functional language and skills relevant to the situations in the work of civil servants, such as creating a CV, active participation in meetings, writing formal emails/letters, creating and giving presentations and use of helpful digital tools, within the topics related to communal, urbanistic and economic activities, as well as the cultures of European Partners, USA and Serbia.

The first lessons were successful, with a lot of teacher enthusiasm and student motivation, and the impressions are highly positive. “This is exactly what we need”, “What we lacked is a solid language revision like this one” ” and “Now we can clarify all our language doubts” – those were some of the students’ comments after the lessons held.

5th YALS online meetup for first and second graders

Fifth YALS spring online meetup for first and second graders

Reported by Milica Gojkovic and Marija Vojvodic

The 5th YALS workshop was meant for the youngest and the cutest students. It was held in the early afternoon on 4th June, and Centar Britannica had the pleasure of being the ’virtual’ host of about 25 young learners from Leskovac, Valjevo and Nis.

Teachers Milica Gojkovic and Marija Vojvodic, with the wholehearted technical and logistical support of Jovana Kostic, guided the students through dance, story and various language and logical activities.

In a somewhat noisy, but most certainly active work environment, the primary students had an opportunity to show off their knowledge of action verbs and animals, their spelling (even reading) and acting skills, but also to learn at least a few new words watching a funny story about a sloth and a rabbit.

Thanks everyone for being so active, cheerful and easy to work with!

4th YALS online spring meetup for 7th and 8th graders

4th YALS online spring meetup for 7th and 8th graders

Reported by Jovana Kostić

On Friday, 30 May, 7th and 8th graders had the opportunity to participate in the fourth joint lesson organized for Yals schools.
Students were led through the murder mystery by teachers from Britannica Niš, Jovana Kostić, Marija Vojvodić, and Milica Gojković.
Their main task was to find out the name of the victim, the name of the murder weapon, and the name of the murderer through various interesting exercises.
while solving the mystery, the students practiced their listening, speaking, and reading skills, and they revised modal verbs of prediction.

Britannica team would like to thank all the students and the teachers from 4 different schools, Oxford School Leskovac, Lingva Valjevo, Lingva Belgrade, Livingston Belgrade, who attended the joint lesson.